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  • last update April 3, 2024
STC Cessna 172N

STC - Data

  • FAA STC: SA02427AT (issued December 07, 2001)

  • STC Holder:
  • MT-Propeller USA, Inc.
  • 1180 Airport Terminal Drive
  • Deland, FL 32724

  • Applicable Aircraft: Cessna 172N
  • Engines: Lycoming O-320-H2AD
  • Propeller: V503AP

  • Advantages:
  • The propeller is fully automatic, it means, that it does not need any pilot intervention for the operation.
  • The optimum RPM are kept in dependence upon its performance at all regimes of flight and in the range of air speeds common for sport and tourist flying up to the air speed for 194 knots.
  • The propeller blades setting is carried out by hydraulic servomechanism, which is driven and controlled by the spinner.
  • The propeller guarantees the reliable operation at maximum simplicity of service and common maintenance paid by the user.
  • Our propellers bring you the unique solution of removable blades. Shipping and storage of such a propeller is much easier and cheaper compared to the fixed blade option.
  • Our blades are made of durable high quality aluminum alloy designed for propeller blades.