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  • last update December 14, 2023

Electric constant speed Propellers

2-blade electric constant speed propeller
Model No. max. Diameter max. Power max. RPM
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Refer to TCDS

Electrically controlled propeller

The electric variable pitch propellers V410 type series are certified as 2-blade propeller models with feathering capability for engines producing up to 220 HP.

The single piece hub is made from high-strength steel. It is corrosion protected. The blade bearings are special design ball bearings, where the balls act as split retainers for holding the blades into the hub, which creates an increased safety factor against blade loss.

The propeller construction has a simple and light-weight design without any unnecessary part.
All weights required for static propeller balancing are installed on the rear or front spinner bulkhead.

Presently our blades are built in aluminum alloy design, by using high-strength aluminum alloy. The blades are corrosion protected and can be equipped with alcohol de-ice equipment.

A steel blade bushing is installed to the blade root by using special design thread for propeller blades.
The pitch change of the blade is enabled by an gear wheel installed in the blade bushing.

The spinner dome is a single piece part made from high-strength aluminum alloy. It is crack resistant as well as very light weighted