Avia Propeller Vintage Blades and Spinners

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  • last update December 19, 2023

Propeller for Vintage Airplanes

Avia Propeller is able to produce brand new historical aluminum alloy blades for almost all types vintage or replica aircraft.

Avia Propeller holds a manufacturing license from Collins Aerospace to produce brand new Hamilton Standard 6547A, 6101A, 6533, 6135A, 6903A propeller blades and propeller spinners for the P-51 Mustang airplane.

These listed blade models and spinners for the P-51 are in production.

The production license also includes other blade types and parts for which we are able to start production as soon as we determine the availability of original blade forgings in the U.S.

We also manufacture other types of vintage blades for aircraft such as Junkers, Focke-Wulf, Piaggio, Ratier, …

Blades are manufactured according to the supplied drawing or the original vintage blade even in a badly damaged and / or much deformed shape.

For vintage propeller blades we use die-forged or free-forged aluminum alloy forgings. Surface finishing according to the customer's wishes, including polished surfaces, that are typical of some aircraft.

North American P-51 Mustang propeller spinner
Propeller spinner for North American P-51 Mustang