Avia Propeller Ground Adjustable Propellers

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  • last update December 14, 2023

Ground Adjustable Propellers

2-blade ground adjustable propeller
Model No. max. Diameter max. Power max. RPM
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Refer to TCDS

Ground Adjustable Propeller

The EASA certified 2-bladed ground adjustable aluminum propeller is available with a steel hub to be installed on engine flange, bolt spacing 120 mm.

The single piece hub is made from high-strength steel. It is corrosion protected. Presently our blades are built in aluminum alloy design, by using high-strength aluminum alloy. The blades are corrosion protected.

The blades are installed to the steel hub by using special design thread for propeller blades.

The V310 propeller can be used on piston engines M137/M337 series.
Successfully tested on C-104 Bücker-Jungmann.